how to make new red brick look old

The brick is a very durable building material, but, as with anything else, bricks can become damaged or new additions you can add to a home and may need to make new bricks appear to be older than they are. There are a couple of problems that may arise. First, the color of your new brick may be considerably different from the color of old bricks – even if you buy the bricks from the same manufacturer. The reason is that the bricks are made of natural clay, and the clay composition can change as mining moves into new areas.

 how to make new red brick look old

It is also possible that the appearance of the brick has changed over the years – after all, the styles in brick making change over time, as styles change in the world of cars and everything else. The easiest way to make your new look as the old brick brick is to paint everything with a layer of good, old lime – lime and thin in places to make everything look the same age.

Wash the wall with water and use a stiff broom to remove dirt, mud and other deposits.

Enter the new brick with a heavy chain to cause small chips and give weathered wall. If the new bricks are about old bricks, trying to match the condition of the old weathered bricks as possible.

Make lime pouring 50 pounds of lime and 10 pounds of salt in a mixing tub. Add water and mix the ingredients with a hoe until the mixture has the consistency of pancake batter. The ingredients may also be mixed in a cement mixer power.

Paint lime brick with a roller. If you want an antique look, do not worry about the fine points. Let the lime dry overnight.

Spray the whitewashed wall (after drying overnight) with a garden hose to wash some lime. Use a nozzle if necessary to get enough pressure to dilute some of the lime. Make sure the thinning is the same in the new bricks and old for the entire area of ​​matches.